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A Tarot spread can offer you valuable insight into your life and help guide you. The areas that I specialize in are on Spirituality, Love, Home & Family, Life Purpose/Career, Tree of Life, and messages from your Angels and Guides.

The readings I provide are meant to be a gentle and loving guide. They do NOT predict your future. I fully believe that nothing in life is concrete/set in stone; we all have the ability to change a future outcome by the choices we make. (Please be aware that by booking a reading with me you take full responsibility for any decisions you may make as a result of that reading).

A reading is not a substitute for professional advice. Please do not ask for readings that warrant health and legal outcomes (i.e., will I go to jail, will I win the trial, do I have cancer, am I pregnant, etc..) I do not give legal, medical, investment/financial advice, nor any professional advice for which I am not qualified. These matters are best left to professionals in those fields. If I feel your problem is out of my realm of experience, I will not venture to assist you.

Now that we’ve gotten that little tidbit out of the way, here is what I offer:


*1 Card Readings- $5…One card readings are a great way to get a quick message for the day and/or to see if my reading style fits you and your inquiries. If you would like to get a more in-depth reading, please check out my other listings for larger spreads of three cards and up.  

*3 Card Readings- $15 

*5 Card Readings- $25 

*7 Card Readings- $35 

*10 Card Readings- $45…The 10 card spreads that I offer are known as the Tree of Life and the Celtic Cross. These tarot spreads offer you the insight and guidance for the major factors surrounding your present situations. It touches on Spiritual, Emotional Relationships, Home and Family circumstances, and Career. It will also consider any obstacles and helpful matters.  


Once you have booked a reading please send your name, date of birth, and an e-mail address to send the completed reading to. You may also send any necessary details about your situation if you feel this will help.

Now for the rules:

*** To purchase a reading you must be 18 years of age or older. (This means if you are under-aged yourself or asking about someone under aged). I also do not read for a third party… If you order a reading, the main focus will be you.

***Readings are usually completed for you within 24-72 hours of payment and receipt of your details depending on the spread and number of cards. If you book a reading over the weekend or during bank holidays it may take a day or two longer (even I need some down time).


***Due to the nature of tarot and oracle readings, I am unable to offer a refund. I reserve the right to refuse a reading if I find it inappropriate regarding my ethics and vision of my services or if feel uncomfortable with the question asked. This will be the only case where I will be able to refund. Other than that, I will not refund readings. If you’re not sure and have questions, please don’t hesitate to write me at freelamour111@gmail.com prior ordering your reading. Readings will not be made and sent until payment has been received.

While I take my work as a tarot reader seriously, I am required by law to state that all tarot readings sold by “Tarot With Free L’Amour” are sold for entertainment purposes only.

Still don’t know if you want to use my services? Here are a few testimonials from others to help you with your decision:



“Thank you so much, I feel like you really touched on so many things in my life. Things that ring true within. Reading it all really made it come to me like it has been there, but I just wasn’t listening fully…like I have heard it before, but didn’t soak it in. I really enjoyed this experience. You explained everything so well for me! Blessings to you! You are truly gifted!” ~Martina M.J.


“I just want to take a minute to let people know that I had my cards read by Free and honestly after a whole night’s sleep of thinking about what I have read, it is right on point with how I’m feeling and what I have been thinking about, questions were answered in one way, shape, or form…and that was awesome! I can’t begin to express my gratitude on how these things are a blessing in disguise. I want to thank my friend for this opportunity. I will stand by her side, even through the toughest weather. Very emotional and totally worth it.” ~Paul S.


“First off, I had to laugh like Holy Shit! Your reading made it really clear as to why for me. I’ve always felt my Spirituality was important, but you’re right, I haven’t been dedicating myself to that path and what it could hold. You helped me with some major direction that I’ve needed not just in my spiritual life, but in my mundane as well. Thank you. <3 ~Audrey C.


“Free and I are in each other’s lives for a reason. I have always been interested in the spiritual world after my father’s passing and I have done a little research on it through the years. When Free gave me a reading, I was open and willing. One thing you must know about Free is that she doesn’t mince words, she tells it like it is even if it might hurt. She doesn’t sugar coat her readings because there is no growth without the truth. Her reading resonated in a place deep down in my soul that is scary, but hopeful; a place that I tend to push away and not focus on out of fear. She was able to tell me things I knew I needed to hear and that has sparked a fire within me. Watching Free come into herself and embrace her true spiritual being has been inspiring. It has been a gift, something that was necessary for me to witness. Free has arrived and her journey has just begun! I’m blessed that I’m here to experience it.” ~Heather L.