Water Magick: Spiritual Baths, Teas, and Lucky Wata


The Power and Magick that lies within the spirit of Water is amazing.  It helps to soothe our souls, hydrates us when we are feeling dry (both in our bodies and wallets), and just listening to the sounds of it can mesmerize us in a most profound way.

Water is associated with the Moon and all things Emotions; it is connected to the power of our Intuitions. And this is why I love to take my own Spiritual Baths, drink plenty of herbal teas (potent infusions), and I splash on some Lucky Wata every chance I get.

In the words of the great Bruce Lee…”Be Water, my friend!”


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Spiritual Bath Soaks


Spiritual Baths are sacred baths full of healing, restoration, and a wonderful way to Manifest the desires of your Heart!

This lovely soak was conjured on Friday the 13th…the Lucky Day for Witches and Goddesses everywhere.  It was specifically made for the intentions of Love and Luck.

Fridays are the days associated with Venus and that is all about ROMANCE and FINANCE, baby!  The color green is the color of money and the Heart Chakra.  Need I say more? 

(Limited Supplies)

Price: $25 (covers S&H)  


(More to Come)

(Please email me at freelamour111@gmail.com if you wish to order multiple)



Herbal Teas

“Tea should be taken in solitude.” ~C.S. Lewis

My herbal infusions are such a treat!  They are to be sipped slowly and deliberately.  Allow the steam and the taste to penetrate your senses while you take the energy of its intentions deep within your being. 

This Love and Luck Herbal Tea Blend  was created on Friday the 13th…a day of the Goddess.  Feel like a Goddess that is perfectly capable of attracting Love and Luck when you indulge in this infusion.

(Limited Supplies)

Price: $20 (covers S&H)

(Please email me at freelamour111@gmail.com if you wish to order multiple)



“Lucky Wata”

“There is healing in these Watas”

‘Lucky Wata N°13’ was conjured on Friday the 13th!!  Yas Witch!!  ‘Get you some of dis here lucky wata!’  This water can be used as a perfume/cologne, a hand wash before gambling, floor wash, and/or to anoint your money so that it increases. 

It was created for the intentions of Luck, Abundance, and Wealth.  Who says Friday the 13th is bad luck? Shit!

(Limited Supplies)

Price: $13 (covers S&H)

(Please email me at freelamour111@gmail.com if you wish to order multiple)




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