Air Magick: Ritual Incense


Incense can be found on the altars of just about every Witch, Shaman, and Spiritual Practitioner that ever lived. 

Why?  Because they can be used to make the atmosphere pleasing to Deities and to carry our prayers to the Spirit Realm.

I love to burn incense when I am performing a ritual, casting a spell, or as an offering to God or Goddess.  The act of burning an incense on my altar puts me in a state of mind that is prepped and ready to meet with Spirit and takes me out of the every day monotony.

It is believed that the act of burning an herb or resin changes the vibration of the atmosphere and releases an energy that when coupled with the energy of the practitioner, it helps to create the desired effect of the intention that was set.

My incense may be sprinkled onto a hot charcoal disk (not the charcoal you would use for a barbeque) to create the energy and transform your atmosphere into one of high Spiritual Vibrations.



Single Incense


used for protection, Spirituality, Consecration, Exorcism, and Connecting with The Divine Masculine


used for Healing, Peace, Meditation, Protection, and Connecting with the Divine Feminine


used for Protection, Exorcism, Purification, Youth, Mental Powers, Healing, and Sleep


used for Protection, Wishes, Healing, and Spirituality

***Dragon’s Blood***

used for Love, Protection, Exorcism, and Potency


Incense Blends

***Altar Incense ***

burn this blend on your altar to purify the area before performing ritual, spells, or meditation


***Soul Travelling Incense***

burn this incense to aid you with astral travelling


***Success in Business Incense***

burn this incense during a ritual or spell to attract clients to your business or to start a new business

***The Witches’ Circle Incense***

burn this incense when you are casting a spell either alone or in a group as a general ritual incense

***”Reverse the Curse” Incense***

burn this incense near an open window for 9 nights under the Waning Moon

***Full Moon Ritual Incense***

burn this inviting incense to connect with Grandmother Moon

***”I Conjure Thee” Incense***

burn this incense to conjure beneficial spirits while performing rituals and spells

***Soul Mate/Twin Flame Incense***

burn this incense for love of a romantic energy


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