Numerology Reports


Numerology, much like Astrology, can offer you valuable insight into your life…helping you to understand your personality, your Soul’s Purpose, and what challenges you must overcome.

Many cultures believe in the power and mystery of numbers.  We receive Angelic guidance through the meaning behind the energy of the number that keeps revealing itself to you in your daily life.   Egyptians considered them to be sacred and holy, especially the numbers 2, 3, 4, & 7.

I am now offering Numerology Reports (each report is $7.77) for guidance and insight for the following:


*Life Path- This report gives you insight about the path that you are to walk in life to fulfill your life’s mission


*Destiny Number- This report helps you to understand your Destiny and what you are to accomplish this lifetime.


*Follow Your North Star- This report tells you what to move away from and what path to follow to fulfill your destiny for this lifetime.


*Personality Number- This report helps you to become aware of how others in the world perceives you.


*Maturity Number- This report helps you to see what lies ahead for your “golden years” (ages 35 and up).


*Birth Day Number- This report helps you to gain insight and understanding on your natural gifts and talents 


*Karmic Life Number(s)- This report will help you to be aware of your weaknesses and offers guidance on the areas that you need to grow/strengthen.


Please understand that the Numerology Reports do NOT predict your future.  It is a tool that helps gives us guidance and insight from the Spiritual Realm.  It is both and Art and a Science!