My Lil’ U.G.L.I. Booklet of Spells


Do you believe in Magick?


Those of us who practice the Craft of the Wise and The Occult(s) all fully understand that Magick is a beautiful form of creative expression. 

We take the energy of herbs, plants, flowers, oils, crystals, divination tools, mix it with our will, and command unseen forces to help manifest the desires of our hearts.

Casting spells can help you with:


*Abundance & Prosperity
*Remove Blockages
*And More…

I have created this booklet to share some of my very own Spells that can help you manifest your desires into reality!

Inside you wil find:

*A Love Spell to Attract Your Soul Mate/Twin Flame

*A Money Spell to Attract Money QUICK for Fulfilling a Need (ex: Overdue Bill)

*A Binding Spell to Stop Gossip or Slander

*A Road Opener Spell to Get the Flow of Manifestations

*And A Few More…


It’s Time that you stepped into the role of Co-Creator with Spirit and begin transforming your life with the Power of Magick!


This Booklet is Now at a Special Price of $11.11

To Purchase, please fill out the form and use the word “Booklet” in the Subject box.  Your Email is needed for delivery of the booklet only.

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