E-Books: “The Passion Of Free L’Amour Part I”

I am so fucking Overjoyed to share my writings with you.
The title of this e-book isn’t just a title.  I named it just as a mother names her child she has given birth to.

I give to you: “The Passion of Free L ‘Amour” because this IS my passion!

Words are important to me, always have been and always will be. I am sharing my Wisdom, my Art, my Thoughts, and my Light and Darkness with you.  I am allowing you to see the interior of my heart, mind, and soul.
Also, I am including some of my works that were written when I was between the ages of fifteen to my early Twenties.  I dug through some old journals of mine and re-discovered them.
Let me tell you, reading over what I had written when I was younger brought tears to my eyes because although at that time, I didn’t know my full power, I still had wisdom beyond my years; an Old Soul I am.
I am making my younger self proud!  I told her that her death would not be in vain; I would honor her by continuing to do what she loved to do so much: writing!
There are some valuable lessons within these pages.  Are you ready to Learn, Unlearn, and Relearn?
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