About Me

Who am I?  Allow me to introduce myself:

“I am an extrovert and an introvert.

I have the Soul of a Lion and am Wild Like the Wolf.

Just the right amount of attitude mixes so beautifully with my humility.

Yin and Yang are my companions: the Shadows of my Emotions add a hint of mystery to the Light of my Being.

I am a creation that was created by The Creator to express myself creatively!

I am Free L’Amour!”



It is my pleasure to serve you with Love (even if it’s tough love), Light, and Magick.

I am an Intuitive, Empath, Light-worker/Witch, all of the above type of woman. I was born with the gifts of Clairsentience and Claircognizance and I absolutely love this path that I am on. In the beginning, I was not too excited about my Spiritual gifts. I hid them under a bucket and was horrified when I would speak a “prophecy” of what might happen and it came to pass.

Little did I know that I was born an Indigo child and the gifts that are on me made me afraid of embracing what truly was my path. Now, I am Free and ready to help others with guidance while we are here living on our beautiful planet Earth/Gaia.

One of the ways that I utilize my Spiritual gifts is through the Tarot. Let me let you in on a little piece of wisdom: The Tarot does NOT predict your future. It is a tool that can help guide you to take “this path or that path.” We all are born with the gift of free will, so your Angels, Spirit Guides, myself, or the Tarot cannot make you do something that you don’t want to do.

(If you would like a personal reading on Spirituality, Love, Life Purpose, Home & Family, or General Life questions, I will be happy to assist you.  You can email me at freelamour111@gmail.com or go to the “Tarot Readings with Free L’Amour” section for prices).

Another way that I utilize my gifts is through the power of written and spoken word. I have loved writing since I was a child. I seek to inspire, motivate, and help you remember your grand purpose in life and your Divine Nature.

I have a passion to help others, mostly women: my daughters, my sisters, mothers, aunts, cousins, friends, acquaintances, and strangers, all of the female gender. I wish to help them see and to awaken to the fact that we are Queens and Goddesses!

I am a voice that is part of a symphony of voices that sing:

I am Unique!

I am Gifted!

I am Loved!

I am Intelligent!

I am U.G.L.I.!”

Self-Love, Respect, and Acceptance are keys that will help you to open the door to a lifelong intimacy with the self.

This is what I breathe!
This is part of Who I Am!
This is my art that I long to share with you!
Thank you for letting me be myself!