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In the world of Witchcraft, one thing for sure is that it is varied.  It is not a “one-size-fits-all.”

One thing that I love about my path is that I have the pleasure of teaching women in different states by opening myself up and allowing myself to be approachable to those willing and wanting to learn.  With that being said, they ask me a LOT of questions because they are so confused about what is deemed right or wrong with this Spiritual Art.

With the questions that they have for me, I trust that there are others that may want to know the same thing.

This blog post is an answer to a question that a beautiful woman had for me.  She wanted to know if being a witch was only for certain people.

My answer in short is this: “Hell no!”

But that is not enough.  I wanted to go a bit further with my answer.  So here is my list of things that you do not need to be to practice the art of witchcraft.

1.  You do not need to be a woman.  There are many men in this world that are Witches (note: not a warlock or a wizard).  And truth be told, there are just as many transgenders and many more who do not claim a gender that can be a witch.

2.  You do not need to be super religious.  I fully believe that one must connect with something bigger than his/herself; however, you do not have to believe in any God, Goddess, or any deity to practice witchcraft.

3.  You do not have to be psychic.  There are many people who are witches that do not have spiritual gifts such as clairvoyance or able to read Tarot.  Kitchen witches are a beautiful example of this…they prefer to only practice their art with herbs and oils in their cooking.

4.  You do not need to be Wiccan.  A Wiccan is a pagan and a witch per their religion; while a witch can simply be a person who practices the art of witchcraft.

5.  You do not need to be Caucasian.  (This makes me laugh a little).  This is certainly not true.  Someone asked if witches were only white women.  Her question is valid.  It is not true that if you are white, you can only practice witchcraft; if you are black, you can only practice Hoodoo/Voodoo; if you are Latina, you only should practice Santeria.  I feel that you can practice what your spirit leads you to practice.

6. You do not have to become Vegan.  Although most people become vegan because their Spirits lead them down that path and I feel that they have every right to do what they feel is best for their bodies; however, that is not required for you to practice witchcraft.

7.You do not have to be a witch from childhood.  Although many, such as myself, have had gifts since they were a child, anyone can pick up this art at any age.

8.You do not have to follow what others do.  This art is your craft and yours alone.  Some witches choose not to curse, while others have no problems with cursing as their dark little hearts take joy in it.  I say follow your heart.  As the quote states, “True magick is neither black or white. It’s both because nature is both.  Loving and cruel, all at the same time.  The only good of bad is in the heart of the Witch. Life keeps a balance on its own.”

I hope that this helps you to understand that witchcraft is not all about rules…it is your own path that you must follow.  I am quick to tell others that ask me about how to cast a spell to follow their intuition.  I understand that they are so focused on “doing it right,” but I feel the burdens lift when I inform them that there truly is no right or wrong way…only their way.

It is imperative to follow your heart, listen to your intuition, study, use your innate wisdom, and connect with Spirit in whatever form you feel Spirit comes to you.

Breathe and ease your mind…

Love, Light, & Magick to all!!


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