7 Ways To Stop Resisting And Begin Embracing The Flow Of Life.

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Each and every one of us are alive in this moment for a reason; a purpose. But sadly, not every one of us knows what that purpose is.  When you have that feeling of lack, you will find yourself swimming against the current of life, and while you may reach your destination, you will be tired and worn out by the time you reach it.

If you learn to surrender (and I know that a lot of us despise this word), and flow with life, you will begin to destress, let go of tension in the body, gain a peace of mind, and your soul will speak in volumes.

Life is what we make of it. I feel that life is beautiful and it is one of the greatest gifts we could ever have.  To enjoy this beauty, here are 10 tips to help you begin to flow with the stream instead of swimming against it.


  1. Begin to recognize the patterns in your life that are keeping you stuck. Negative patterns will always repeat, like a broken record, until you find what is causing it (the hidden lesson) and begin to make positive changes. Life is the only school that will give you the test first, then the study guide afterwards. Once you change your habits, you will break the vicious cycles and thus, will begin to see more positive changes in your life.
  2. Speaking of changes, knowing that it is the only thing constant, you must begin to embrace it. We are all creatures of habit, so when there is something that steps in and throws off our groove, we get frazzled, stressed, and let the “song of despair” begin to play. But what if you could see that change must come to bring new and exciting things?  Try to make one small change today, such as driving a different way to work or ordering another entree off the menu outside of your usual.  Change is good!
  3. Often times we will settle for the next best thing because we feel that is all we will ever get in life. We tend to feel that this is the way things are and always will be. It’s time to questions those beliefs. We have such small thinking because maybe somewhere in life, someone told you that you wouldn’t make it, that your dreams are too big and you need to come back down to earth.  Those words hurt, yes, but they are not the truth.  They are not YOUR truth.  Stop settling and go for what is yours.
  4. How many times do you have something awesome happen to you and immediately you believe that something bad will happen? The moment you feel as if “someone is out to get you,” you take the joy and power out of it. Begin to use positive affirmations and realize that while life is all about ebb and flow, you deserve good things in your life. When they happen, realize that “someone is out to bless you beyond your wildest dreams.”
  5. We are a society of instant gratification. We want the things that we want and want them NOW! But do you realize that if you help a butterfly out of its cocoon before it is time, you will do more harm than good? Everything has its season; its time under the Sun.  That also includes the things that you’ve prayed so hard about.  If you met your soulmate before divine timing and order, if you force things to happen before it reached maturity, it can do more harm than good to you.  Trust in Divine Timing, for when it comes, it will ALWAYS be right on time.
  6. How many of us zip through life on auto-pilot? The mundane tasks that we take on in our daily lives keep us from seeing the forest from the trees. We miss out on so many beautiful things that this planet has to offer because we have our blinders on. It’s time to take them off and practice awareness and be open to new experiences.  They are there, but you have to be more mindful.  Open your eyes and see all the things that are around you.
  7. We have become so dogmatic in our beliefs that we cannot remain open to the fact that not everyone travels the same path that we do. Once you become close-minded (I say become, because we definitely were not born that way), you shut down on life and its teachers of many faces. You can be steadfast in your lane and be open to others while you travel alongside of them. Don’t be so rigidly attached to your viewpoints.  Upgrade your mindset ad you will upgrade your life.


“Life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.” But if you practice this tips and begin to flow with life, I can assure you that each piece of chocolate will be a lovely delight to your senses.  Enjoy!


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