Want To Attract More Peace Into Your Life? Add This Special Routine Into Your Daily Schedule.

Love, Light, & Magick


Rituals are a beautiful thing to include in our daily lives.  The need for it, in my humble opinion, is almost as the need for air, water, and food.  Why?  Simply because they help to connect us on a deeper level which can then remind us that we are a part of something bigger; something Divine. 

I purposely find ways to incorporate them into my daily life because they are a major part of the foundation of my Spirituality.  The repetition of performing them helps to keep me focused and to live in the moment.

Surprisingly, most people are often confused on how to create rituals for their lives.  I will tell you this now; there is no right or wrong way if you have pure intentions behind why you are performing it. 

Still don’t know where to start?  I have included an example of a ritual that you can begin with to attract more peace into your life.


Peace of Mind Ritual

Items you will need:

*Bath salts
*one white candle (taper or tea light works well)
*Clear Quartz crystal
*Black tourmaline
*candle snuffer (or a metal spoon)
*Lemon balm or Chamomile tea

Before you begin, take a warm salt bath to clear your body and aura of any negative energy that you may have picked up throughout the day.  Dead Sea and Himalayan salts are optimum, but Epsom salts can be used just as well. 

As you soak, visualize all the dark matter slowly fading away in the water. 

Inhale and exhale evenly while repeating: “I release all energy that is not here to serve me; I lovingly call all positive and peaceful energy back to me.” 

Continue to soak for as long as you feel the need to.  (Note: If you are submerging your whole body in extremely hot water and/or using Epsom salts, soak for no longer than 15-20 minutes).

After your cleansing bath, go into a room where you will not be disturbed.  Turn off all lights and feel the vibrations of love and peace flowing all around you.

Light one white candle and stare into the flame as you continue to take deep breaths from your diaphragm (if you begin to feel light-headed or spacey, breathe into a paper bag until you are grounded).

As you stare into the flames of the fire, hold the Clear Quartz crystal in your receptive hand (the hand you don’t write with) and hold the Black Tourmaline in your dominant hand. 

Begin to recite this incantation (feel the energy of your words):

“Peace is mine
This I Pray
Light and Love
Flows my way.”

Repeat this incantation for 3 rounds of 3 for a total of 9 times.  Between each round, squeeze the crystals in your hands gently.  Once you have finished, sit there for a moment and/or meditate.  Visualize yourself with perfect peace.  If there is someone in your life that is causing you grief, visualize them as well and see them slowly fading away in your mind’s eye.

Take a deep breath once more, this time make it delicious.  As you exhale, smile from your heart.  Relax and enjoy a delicious cup of Lemon Balm or Chamomile tea. (Please be aware that chamomile can flare up allergies in some people).

Keep your thoughts, mind, and energy clear.  Carry your crystals with you for the first few days as the Clear Quartz will amplify your positive energy and the Black Tourmaline will help repel any negative energy.


Love, Light, & Magick








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