13 Ways to Create Balance In Your Daily Life

Love, Light, & Magick


There is Yin and Yang; Light and Dark; Day and Night. As with just about everything in life, there is an opposite.  This is the lovely way that balance shows up to remind us that we must have both sides to be truly whole. 

Ever since I embarked on my Spiritual path and the art of witchcraft, I have learned that I must honor this balance both within and without. It brings peace to my mind, joy to my soul, and health to my body.  After all, life is a balancing act and the moment we are aware of this, we will begin to flow with life instead of resisting.

Here are 13 excellent examples of what a balanced life looks like. Feel free to follow these suggestions and enjoy a more relaxed and harmonious lifestyle.

  1. Having “me” time and being social with others. Ambiverts are naturals at this one (I should know because I am one). It is equally important to have a social life and alone time. We humans need that intimacy because we are social creatures, but we need time alone to recharge our batteries.
  2. Feeling the fear of change and starting something new. Change is the only thing constant, this we know, but so many of us fear it. I say you feel that fear and begin that project, write that book, join that online dating, etc. Whatever it is, know that it can bring exciting changes to your life.
  3. Following your heart and using your head. I feel that when we use both logic and emotion, we become limitless. If you only use your head, you miss out on the abundance of feelings. If you wear your heart on your sleeve, you can become irrational with your thoughts.  The head and heart can work hand in hand.
  4. Saving for the future and spending money now. If I want to spoil myself, I do. But I also know that if I need to save money for something that is extremely important, I save. Life is all about living in the present and enjoying it.  I won’t always put off my happiness and I would never knowingly put myself in a horrible situation where I can’t provide for myself or my family financially.
  5. Eating delicious treats and living a healthy life. This one is a biggie, especially when I was learning to be a personal trainer. I told a few of my clients that I would never tell them not to have a cookie or ice cream. If you deprive yourself, you won’t get to enjoy your new lifestyle change.  It will feel as if you’re punishing your body.  It did nothing wrong.  Have that cookie and a green smoothie to make you happy.
  6. Spending time with your partner and time with the kiddos. Your kids are a part of you and so is your spouse. Your kids will also grow up and leave to go start families of their own and when that time comes, you don’t want to find out that you’ve been living with a stranger. Learn to make time for all of the people that live under the same roof: including you. 
  7. Working to pay bills and doing what you love. I understand that we all have bills to pay and I also understand that for some people it is just a fantasy to have your vocation be your vacation. But, if you work at a job that isn’t your passion, why not take up a hobby after working hours? I hope that while you make money for someone else’s business, you work just as hard, if not more, to begin making money for your own.
  8. Pushing to be an overachiever and learning to enjoy the journey. The journey is where all of the beauty lies. The destination is always going to change. So while you are out there grinding and achieving all of your goals and desires, I hope that you smelled a lot of roses along the way.
  9. Asking for help and being self-sufficient. I had to learn this many, many times. We are so focused on either being independent or dependent. Life is about being interdependent.  If you are too prideful to ask for help when you really need it, you will fall off of your high horse and that fall just might break you.  Know when to ask and know when you can do it on your own. 
  10. Helping others and focusing on your own priorities. Know when to say “no” when you really do not want to help others. This is a problem for many of us because we mostly feel obligated to help, but that is also a sure sign of not respecting your own priorities. Know when to say yes and when to say no.
  11. Being a leader and knowing when to follow. True leaders create other leaders. Know when to lead the way and know when to allow others to take the lead. This shows respect on such a high level.  It will also help you to have more freedom when it’s time for you to rest and it will give others confidence that you trust in them.
  12. Thinking over your choices and taking immediate action. Oftentimes, we tend to overthink and that can cause problems that aren’t really there. There is boldness and magick in taking action. But there is also magick in waiting for the right moment because if we act too soon, it can hinder our progress.  This requires us to be in tune with our intuition to know what to do.
  13. Doing what others need you to do and doing what you want. This is your life and you have to know when others are pushing their dreams onto you and you creating your own path. Sometimes, you will have to honor your commitments that are set by others and then there will be times where you must forge your own path to become who you are meant to be.


Balance is a tool that we can use to determine where we are at in our lives, but remember that it is a tool. There will be times where you will feel off and unbalanced; this too, is okay.  Life is all about ebb and flow.  Take a lesson from the ocean about that.

Above all else, breathe, do your best, and be gentle with yourself.

Love, Light, and Magick.




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