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One of the fun things to do with being a Witch is exploring the Craft of the Wise: The Art of Witchcraft. It is indeed an art. It is a practice, if you choose to walk, that I urge you to commit yourself to. I also want to encourage you to approach this magickal adventure with a light heart…with an open, curious heart of a child.

People tend to think that it is all serious business when it comes to witchcraft. This is so far from the truth!! Yes, I highly suggest that you always show respect to your deities/Ancestors/God(s) and Goddess(es)/Spirit when you call or invoke them, but get it out of your mind that you must come cowering in fear.

Witchcraft has a saying that we don’t bow to our Gods and Goddess; we stand beside them and walk with them. What this simply means is that we don’t beg or plead for God or Goddess to bless us; we stand with them and use the power from them to work through us as the physical vessel on this planet.

With that being said, if this is the path that you feel drawn to, I want to set you up for success!

The truth is, all that is truly needed to cast a spell is your pure intentions, focus, and you speaking with power; however, there are plenty of materials that can be used to add their energy to help you with your spells.

Before you run out to the store and go on a shopping spree to buy up everything that screams out “Here Witchy, Witchy…come buy me!,” I wanted to narrow the long list down to a few things that you can add to your witches’ cabinet.

Have fun and enjoy!


*Candles– one of the best forms of magick is candle magick. The candles represent all four elements within one simple candle. And the best part is that they come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Each of them representing an energy that can be used for your specific intention. (I highly recommend that you do not use the scented candles used for home decoration). Each colored candle has it’s unique energy; the color you choose will depend on what type of spell you wish to cast.

-Red-Fire Element magick, passion, sex/lust, power, strength, forward action, root chakra

-Orange- Creativity, legal matters, justice, ambition, success, sacral chakra

-Yellow- Air element magick, Sun/Solar energy, confidence, creativity, memory, clearing mental blocks, solar plexus chakra

-Green- Earth Element magick, money, abundance, health, rejuvenation, luck, success, heart chakra

-Blue- Water Element magick, spiritual inspiration, wisdom, peace, tranquility, health, meditation, throat chakra

-Purple- Spirituality, psychic ability and development, inspiration, power, magick, communicating and connecting with Higher Self, third eye chakra

-Pink- Love, beauty, femininity, romantic partnerships, friendships, affection

-Gold- Sun God and honor to all Solar deities, masculine energy, wealth increase, success, prosperity, attraction, confidence, persuasion

-Silver- Moon Goddess and honor to all Lunar deities, intuition, dream magick, feminine energy, astral energy, telepathy, clairvoyance

-White- Substitute for any other color, Higher Self, purity, blessings, truth, enlightenment, Spirit guides, Angels, Goddess

-Black- Protection, removes negative energy, releasing, binding, banishing, absorbs illnesses and nasty habits, honor dark aspects, call to ancestors, death

*Salt– I’m not talking about your e’erday table salt! Salt is an essential ingredient for witchcraft and for life. For the craft, it is well-known for absorbing and cleansing energy…a wonderful item representing the earth element. This item is one that you will WANT to keep stocked in your cabinet. I highly suggest that you use Kosher Salt, Dead Sea Salt, Himalayan, or Black Salt (take your pick…but not table salt).

*Herbs– When I first started, I went MAD over herbs…but truth be told, you don’t need to have every one on the list. I will list the top herbs that you will want in your cabinet. (I will admit, I am listing the ones that I love the most…from using them in teas, spells, for my oils, talismans…I’m Just saying).

-Lavender- Love, happiness, sleep

-Mugwort- strengthens psychic powers, dream recall, contacting Spirit; aids in divination abilities

-Catnip- Love, Happiness, Beauty, and to attract the Boys to the Yard! (I am Cat Woman in the flesh)

-Rose (Buds & Petals)- Love, Prophetic dreams, and healing.

-Rosemary (the go-to herb as it can be used as a substitute for any herb)- Protection, Love, Lust, Purification, Healing, Sleep…what can’t this herb do?

-Eucalyptus- (I keep this herb on hand because it helps a great deal for my kids when they get sick) Healing and Protection

-Sage- Protection, Healing. Great smudge to clear the energy before performing spells.

-Cinnamon- This is the spice of life! Add this to any spell to boost the energy; to aid in wealth and success spells.

*Oils– You can’t go wrong with essential oils for the simple reason that the sense of smell is one of the greatest senses we have. They help to add energy to any spell, any spiritual bath, or to help balance the vibes within. I keep the following oils on hand at all times.

-Frankincense- Beautiful oil (also an oil used in biblical times) to be used for Spiritual purposes, anointing oil; used by ancient Egyptians, shamans, and pagans.

-Myrrh- this oil goes hand-in-hand with Frankincense for spiritual purposes.

-Patchouli- (hippies love this) this earthy oil is great for wealth, abundance, and prosperity spells

-Ylang-Ylang- perfect oil for love and lust

-Jasmine- great oil for attracting spiritual love; soul mate. This is a very sensual oil. It also help with prophetic dreams (as will the herb).

-Rose- This oil is the #1 oil for all things Love…be it to attract love and affection, or to help heal a broken heart.

-Sandalwood- I use this oil for Spiritual purposes, as well. It is great for healing and also help to increase clairvoyant abilities.

*Crystals– These pieces of Earth’s treasures are here to help us with our everyday lives. They are not ROCKS!! This angers me to no end. They are crystals and gems…not rocks. (Not that I have something against rocks, as they carry their own energy. It’s like calling an ocean a swimming pool…each one is enjoyable, but clearly not the same thing).

-Clear Quartz- this is the go-to for ALL crystals as it can be used to substitute for all crystals. This powerhouse boosts the energy of all other crystals; used for meditation, protection, and repelling negative energy.

-Rose Quartz- part of the quartz family, this treasure will help attract love of all kind: self-love, passionate, platonic, spiritual, and familial love. Perfect to use in spells meant for love, romance, and affection.

-Amethyst- used for meditation, opening/balancing crown and third eye chakra, psychic abilities, and other magickal workings.

-Tiger’s Eye- the song “Eye of the Tiger” doesn’t get the people riled up for nothing. This crystal can help you with your Solar Plexus chakra, confidence, strength, and courage.

-Moonstone- this lovely little stone is the back bone (in my own opinion) of Witchcraft. *ahem* Moon…Witch…Witchcraft…Hello, anyone? This stone helps me greatly for intuition, insight, emotions, and tapping into the Divine Feminine.



This was a long list and I promise that you truly do NOT need any of these things to be considered a Witch or to embark on your journey of practicing the craft; these are simply my own suggestions and items that I use.

There are many, many more correspondences out there that can be used to help you with your workings. After all, there truly are no right or wrongs for this path.

What do you like to use for your Spiritual journey? Leave a comment and share your knowledge.

Love, Light, & Magick




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