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My last blog post had many of you messaging me on Instagram telling me just how much you loved my article “Your Witches Cabinet.” And of course, there were also many of you that exclaimed to me that you are ready to embark on this wonderfully, magickal Spiritual Path.

Do you realize just how that makes me feel?

I feel overjoyed at the fact that the time is now and I am seeing it each and every day.

I ab-SOUL-utely love waking up and turning on my Himalayan Salt Lamp (which is my “We’re Open for Business” sign) and after saying my prayers; I check my email and my messages.

Wild, U.G.L.I. Women are flocking to me and I am so damn EXCITED!!

You see, I know that I know that I KNOW that many of you are being to sent to me because Spirit is leading you here. Months ago, I was told during a meditation session with my Tarot cards that I was going to do exactly this.

I was shown an Emperor card, The High Priestess, and the Star. The Oracle cards that I pulled for the supporting messages were about Teaching and being an Augur (from the Latin term meaning “Diviner”).

Talk about being stoked about that shit!!

The Emperor card spoke of authority and leadership. The High Priestess showed me that I was Divinely connected and was to spread my wisdom and intuition with others. The Star summed it all up nicely letting me see that my wish was to be granted.

What wish is that, you ask?

To do exactly what I am doing right now: To use my Divine Masculine and Feminine energies to Lead with Authority while guiding others using my Spiritual gifts.

I am called to be a Teacher. Not the ones that stand in front of chalkboards, but the one who teaches others to tap into their power, their magick, their own Divinity!

I aim to show others that all that they are looking for is within. I believe wholeheartedly in both God and Goddess. They are both my Celestial Parents and I look to them to show me how to lead their children.

I also fully believe that God is raising up his remnant of people NOW to begin teaching the real truth! The “truth” that so many of us believe today has us trapped in fear and keeps us from realizing our true power.

Why would “they’ want you to know your power? If they allowed you to realize it, then they would not be able to no longer control you with fear and lies. We are the sheep being led to the slaughter house and God is calling out to you to WAKE UP and realize that some of the voices that are saying they are led by Him…truly are not.

They pretend that the things they are doing is of Him, but clearly it was not authorized. And so, that’s why there are people like me remembering our Divine Nature. It is because of the “true” false prophets that are spreading lies about others like me: Wise Women and Men.

The ones that connect to Mother Earth and hear her cries. The ones who connect with the flora and fauna of the land. The ones that are not so quick to want to get inside the mind of God, but desires to lay within His heart.

(Isn’t it obvious?  ALL of the indigenous people worshipped Spirit in their own authentic ways until they were forced to worship in “their” way? These same people will say that the indigenous were “devil worshippers.” HA!)

This is the True bride!! God wants us to remember His bride!!! Remember Her, you Bible thumpers?

Yes, His Bride!! Goddess…His companion!! Because for every up, there is a down. For every High, there is a low. For every Sun set, there is the Moon waiting to bless us with Her dance, Her Magick, and Her wisdom.

It was never meant to be only One Parent in our household as human beings…so what makes us think that there should be only One Spiritual Parent? As it is in Heaven…so it is on Earth…As Above, So Below!

I remember when I finally stopped running and surrendered, God told me clearly, “You have known me all of your life; now it’s time to get to know your Mothers’ side of the family.”

What I do, what I practice…the true liars that are leading Gods sheep to slaughter, calls it demonic. They call it evil. They will fill you up with lies and tell you that WE are the culprits.

And because you have not taken the time to see through their lies, you believe them. You are the sheep being led to slaughter.

Of course they will say that what I do, what I practice (as many others) is evil. Because they want to instill that fear to KEEP you in fear!! So that they can continue having control over you!!

What I practice helps me to remember that I am the True Child of God and Goddess and in that remembrance (Keep me in thy remembrance) I hold the POWER to make my enemy my foot stool!

When are you going to wake up, My U.G.L.I. People? How much sleep do you need? No wonder you walk around exhausted…your Soul is tired of sleeping for too long.

And this is why Spirit is leading many of you to me…there are a lot of you that need to hear my messages so it can reactivate your energy and cause you to wake up…simply because YOU have a part in Spirits’ Divine Plan.

You may not practice witchcraft like I do. You may not need to call to Goddess. You may not want to call out to God. But know that Spirit is ALL and we are part of that.

It’s time to stand up…wake up…and begin helping us to change this world that we live in!

And this is why I am overjoyed…

(Keep them coming Spirit, you’re sending them to the right one!)



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