Light and Dark: The Nice and The Not-So-Nice Sides Of Moi…

Love, Light, & Magick


Let’s chat for a second shall we. I mean, let’s get real here for a moment.

One thing that used to bother me when I attended organized religion was how some of the congregation would act as if they were born “saved, sanctified, and Holy Ghost filled.”

What I mean by that is it would bother me when the church folk used to act like they had NEVER and will never sin again. Truth is, we ALL fall short…

Do you know how much damage we do to ourselves when we neglect the shadows of our emotions?

As much as we pretend that we are, we are not perfect…we are perfectly imperfect.  There’s a difference.

Listen, I fully embrace my light and dark sides of myself. I can be completely caring and understanding and I can tell you how to go to hell in such a way that you look forward to the trip.

I read somewhere that it’s okay to get your halo dirty from time to time and I absolutely loved how the writer phrased it. We are all both saints and sinners.

I believe that it is a balance that we must work on each and every day or we will throw life out of tune and we need to carry a good tune to make a beautiful melody.

We can be a vegetarian and crave a fat, juicy burger every once in a while.

We can be on a Spiritual journey and still tell you to kiss our asses!

We can feel anger and choose to express it creatively.

We can feel sadness and actually allow ourselves to wallow in our funk. (Just don’t stay there too long)

We can meditate, drink green tea, light incense, and still feel like slapping someone in the face, with a chair…I’m just saying.


“Look…I choose peace, but say…Don’t walk up on me wrong…This Tea and Incense can turn into Colt 45 and Newports if NEED be…OK?” ~Erykah Badu


The moment we embrace the ebb and flow within ourselves, we will feel liberated because we won’t feel guilty about our feelings. We will no longer feel as if we have to wear a mask because we are on a spiritual journey.

Speaking for myself, I realize that being spiritual doesn’t mean that I have to be a Polly Anna running around passing out Roses and Daffodils to everyone I meet, it simply means that I can be my authentic self.

I can be light and dark. I can be nice and not so nice (when needed).  I can be health conscious and still enjoy my damn cheeseburgers.  I can say an affirmation to boost up my confidence and still have a moment of doubt.

I am still human!

But now… I am Free!

And for the record, I shine my halo daily, but I keep it tilted…just in case.


Love, Light, & Magick


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