I Gotta Have Faith! (RIP George Michael)

Love, Light, & Magick


When we seek out to dream big, we have to have Faith. And for those of you who think that Faith is a passive little girl with pig-tails, you have another think a-coming!

Faith without works is dead!

What that means is, and I will explain it in my own way, is that you got to get your ass up and do something about it; don’t expect God and Goddess to do all of the work for you.

You are assigned the title “Co-Creator” for a reason.

What I used to believe before was that you were to pray and ask God to do this, this, or that and sit back and He will make it happen. Last time I checked, God is not Santa Claus or some magickal genie in a bottle.

You better get out of here with that Aladdin mess. (Hahahahaha)

What I believe now is that I am a Powerful, Manifesting Being. I am able to create my reality!  It all comes down to what is in your belief system.

I work with Spirit and I help things along quite a bit. This is real Faith.  It is active.  It is ‘get down and dirty with it.’  It is take charge and get shit done.

Faith is required for you to do those big things that your heart keeps whispering to you at night when no one is around to hear them. You dream and you get excited.  It’s almost like a new lover.

With a new lover, you don’t just allow him or her to do everything to keep the relationship hot, do you? No!  You have to do your part.  This is what Faith is asking you to do.

Faith is asking you to do your part and she will do hers. She is asking you to tend the garden…water it, fertilize the soil, keep the pests (doubts and insecurities) away, and make sure you harvest the goods when the time is right.

We have to have Faith! Faith is our friend in this earth business.

So, what are you willing to do to help Faith out with your desires?


Love, Light, & Magick



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