Why Are You Keeping Your Dreams On The Back Burner?

Love, Light, & Magick

“Don’t Dream Your Life. Live Your Dream.”


Hey you!

Let’s chat for a bit, shall we?

Let me take you back…waaaaaaaaay back, back into time! Back to when you dreamt with all of your heart and you knew that you knew that you KNEW that you would make them come true.

But then it happened. What is your “it?”

*You were told that you were dumb for having such grand ideas.

*You got married and/or had children and forgot about it.

*Your responsibilities got in the way and you got older and now it’s too late.

*You had to get a “real” job because who makes money off of a pipe dream anyhow?

*You never have enough time or money to make it happen.

*You don’t have the “perfect” body, height, skin tone, weight, etc. for such dreams.

*You’ve tried it many times before and you just keep failing at it, so why bother?

*Blah, blah, blah!!!

Well, you know what? Allow me to yell at you for a moment:


Get back to the things that made you happy. What are they and how can you bring them back into your life NOW?

Let’s go over somethings before you do:

~You are NOT dumb for having grand ideas. What really happened is that you told your BIG dreams to small-minded people.  Keep your dreams safe by only talking to those who will support you with your grand ideas.

~Okay, so you got married and/or had kids, but remember that you are more than just a wife and mother. You were born with a gift and sharing it is your gift back to GOD and the world.  If your dream is to be a happy wife and stay-at-home mother, then there you have it…you’re living your dreams.

~Life may have hit you hard and by the time you came up for air, you found that you’re a little older. Well, let me ask you this?  Do you love KFC…as in Kentucky Fried Chicken?  Harlan Sanders, or Colonel Sanders, didn’t “make it” until he was in his 60s.  J.K. Rowling got her first break at 31. Samuel L Jackson hit it big in the movie “Jungle Fever” at the age of 43. Do you love the designs by Vera Wang?  She was 40 when she designed her first dress.  You’ve still got time as long as you’re still breathing!

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.” ~C.S. Lewis


~One thing that gets under my skin is when someone tells a person that their dream should be done as a hobby only. I mean, come on!  Anything that can be done has been done and many, many people are getting paid to live out their dreams.  Yes, not everyone will be a famous celebrity, but it can be done.  If you dream of doing standup comedy, go for it.  If you love to sing, post it on YouTube, you could be discovered just like Justin Bieber.  If you’re doing it for the love of it, the money just might follow.

~If you have the time to sit in front of a TV watching episode after episode of your favorite TV show, just remember that the actor/actress that you are drooling over took the time to hone his/her craft and is now living out their dreams. You will make time for things that are important for you.  Don’t use this as an excuse, because it’s a shitty one.  As for the money, yes, not all of us were born with a silver spoon in our mouths, but I feel that when you pursue your dreams wholeheartedly, God or The Universe (whatever you want to call it) will supply you with what you need.  There are many stories of people who have built their dreams with little to no money, but they had determination.  Get some!

~Misty Copeland, Tyra Banks, Serena Williams, Mindy Kaling, and Viola Davis just to name a few, all had something “wrong” with their appearance. Some were even bullied when they were young.  Misty was told that she didn’t have a “traditional body for ballet.” HA!  She showed them.  And don’t get me started on the voluptuousness that is Serena Williams.  For some people, her body is “out of control…too much” for tennis.  It doesn’t matter the size, shape, or color. If you’re meant for something grand, don’t just step out of the box…get rid of the damn box!

~Okay, so you’ve failed and maybe people have lost faith in you. So What?!  Keep going.  On the journey to success, failure will be your tour guide; it is part of the process and you will fail.  The lesson is to learn from it and continue to grow and keep your eyes on the prize.

Gary Vee said it best,

“I just think that people are scared to fail in front of people. My friends, I’m telling you something right now, I’m desperately excited to fail in front of you because, A). I don’t really give a fuck what you think, B). I’m going to learn from it, and C). Battle scars are attractive!”

Go out and get you some Battle Scars!


What dreams did you have before life happened? Do you still wonder about what could be?  Do you get jealous when you see or hear about someone doing the same thing you wish you could do?  Then it’s time to take your dream off of the back burner, bring that shit up to the front, and put it on high!

It’s time! Make your dreams your reality!



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