Why In The Hell Are You Naked, Free?

Love, Light, & Magick



My answer (in the words of Beyonce) “I’m a Grown Woman. I do whatever I want!”

My body is mine and mine alone.  I have the right to do whatever I want to do with it because my body and I are one.

I know out there in cyberspace there are those who will probably think:

“She’s just doing it for the attention.”

“Geezus, can’t these women keep their clothes on, for goodness sakes.”

“Oooooh yea, take it off!”

“That is pure Art!”

“Leave her alone, she can do whatever she wants.”

“Blah, blah, blah, blaaaaaaaaaah!”

To that I say: I don’t care what it is that you think. But for the record, and because I am writing about it, I will tell you why I choose to do this.

In my honest opinion, nudity is not porn. The naked body has always been a work of art in my eyes. (I am the woman who will walk around in a gym locker room, butt-booty-naked, and not be ashamed of it).

Look, I have spent years ashamed of my body and even at some point, hated everything about it. I allowed those not worthy of my treasure to enter my Queen-dom and I developed habits that were slowly killing my precious temple.

Now, that I no longer allow those things anymore, I am feeling my body sing and I want it to sing out loud!

Some women choose to express themselves by covering up. Power to you, sistahs!!  I am being serious, power to you and I still love you.

Then there are those who can go sans clothing and that is the way they feel their power.

Let’s end this mind-set right now: Just because a woman chooses to share her art, doesn’t make her a whore. You can look, but you betta not touch!

If being naked, fierce, sensual, and sexual makes a woman feel empowered, why try to make her feel like she’s some harlot straight out of the pits of hell? To each their own.

Since I stand for women’s empowerment, (ah yes, I am a feminist…I am a Woman, duh!) I say that if you feel sexy and empowered showing off your beautiful temple without anything covering it, high five!!

If you feel empowered with your clothes on and want others to find beauty in your mind instead of body, high five!

Either way is cool with me!! You have my appreciation with whatever it is that you choose to do as long as you learn to not be a judge and be a witness instead.

Let your fellow sister-wombman do what is best for her and what makes her feel alive and free. Don’t hate, congratulate!




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