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This July 9th, there will be a powerful Full Moon in Capricorn and let me tell you this now, this is the perfect time to consider adding rituals to your life.

Rituals and Spells help the practitioner to achieve an altered state of consciousness which then helps to provide one with intense focus.

This focus will allow you to change the energy in the Spirit realm and in turn, will help you to manifest a desired outcome that your heart longs for.

I consider a Spell/Ritual as the Law of Attraction on steroids.

Being that I am a Solitary, Eclectic Witch who practices the Art of Witchcraft, I utilize the powerful energy of the Moon A LOT! (I like to see myself as a Lunatic in every way *wink*)  And when I harness this beautiful energy, I surely see manifestations of my hearts’ desires.

I wanted to share a ritual that you can do this weekend. (If you cannot begin this Sunday, don’t worry…the energy of the full moon begin 2-3 days before the actual full moon and 2-3 days afterwards).

With this Full Moon being in the Earthy sign of Capricorn, I wanted to set the intention of this spell/ritual on SUCCESS.

(This ritual is catered to those who wish to succeed in their lives. This could be for a new business or an existing one, to attract new clients/customers to business, to gain new employment of the job of your dreams, and financial stability through a raise or promotion).

Why did I choose this intention? I will explain:

Most Capricorns are determined to win. They are extremely ambitious and usually succeed in just about anything that they put their minds to.  It is an earth sign, and just like all earth signs, their main focus is on stability, job security, money, home, etc.  Earth signs are considered the builders of the zodiac.  Whether we (I’m an earth sign) are building a home, a family, or a business…we like to get our hands dirty and we are some focused individuals.

What better energy to perform a Success Spell/Ritual than the moon being in an earth sign? So, let’s get to it, shall we?


Items you will need:

*Sage or Palo Santo
*4 orange candles and 4 candle holders
*lighter or matches
*Candle snuffer or a spoon
*Wand or an Athame (optional)
*An item that represents what you want to manifest  (ex: business card, picture of job you wish to work, coins or any currency)
*a pin, pen, or a small knife
*Cauldron or stable heatproof burner and charcoal discs
*Essential Oil: Patchouli
*Herbs: Honeysuckle, Alfalfa, and/or Basil
*Incense: Benzoin Gum and Cinnamon (If you use a stick of cinnamon, ground it up into a powder or smaller pieces)
*Crystals: Citrine, Tigers Eye, and/or Green Aventurine


***If you do not have or cannot get all of the above items, please know that it is okay. These items are only tools that one can use to help with focus.  You can cast any spell with your pure intention, your words, and the energy you have within.***


To prepare for ritual:

Set aside a time and area that you will be alone and without any interruptions.   Turn off all electronics, with the exception of a device that you can play soothing, instrumental music.  Music is a wonderful aid for casting spells and rituals.

It is always very important to bathe before doing any spell or ritual as this will help to cleanse your body of any negative energy. A beautiful way to do this is to add salts to your bath.  This can be Epsom salts, Himalayan pink salts, or even Dead Sea salt.

Soak in your bath for 15-20 minutes. Towel dry or allow yourself to air dry.

Enter your sacred space and turn on some soothing music. Begin to take deep breaths…inhale through your nose and exhale out the mouth.

As you gather your items, continue to work with your breath. If you begin to feel light headed, slow down.  You will begin to feel a little spacey as oxygen is flowing through your body and nourishing your mind.  This is lifting up and pushing out a lot of brain fog.

Set up your altar with your items. If you do not have an altar, you can use any flat surface. Make sure that your altar or flat surface is facing in the North Direction.  This is facing Archangel Uriel, the angel to help with manifesting anything concerning earthly matters. 

(You do not have to call on angels during this spell. You can call on any deity that you feel comfortable working with or not call on any at all).

Light your Sage or Palo Santo to clear your area of negative energies. Make sure you walk around to every corner in the room and fill it with the cleansing smoke. (It might help to crack a window to allow the negative energy to flow out with the smoke).

Once you have cleansed your area, take your pin, pen, or small knife and carve a $ sign or simply write the word SUCCESS on them. 

Dress your candles with the Patchouli Oil…you do this by dropping some oil onto your fingers and applying the oil from bottom to the tip. (Be careful not to get the oil on the wick).

Next, take some of your chosen herb: honeysuckle, basil, or alfalfa (or crush up all three together via pestle and mortar) and roll your candle in the herbs.

After you have dressed your candles, hold each one in your hands (dominant hand over the receptive) and speak an affirmation. This is known as charging the candle.  You can either say your own or you can use this one:

“As this candle burns bright, so shall it be for my success.”


Place each candle in its candle holder. Form the candles in a square and place the item that represents what you wish to become successful at in the middle.

Now it is time to cast your circle.

(I will show you how I cast my circle, but please always feel free to make up your own). I love to call on the Four Archangels that guard each corner/direction.

Start by facing East: “Archangel Raphael, guardian of the East, Angel of Air, I ask that you guide and watch over me within this circle.”

Now face South: “Archangel Michael, guardian of the South, Angel of Fire, I ask that you guide and watch over me within this circle.”

Face West: “Archangel Gabriel, guardian of the West, Angel of Water, I ask that you guide and watch over me within this circle.”

Face North: “Archangel Uriel, guardian of the North, Angel of Earth, I ask that you guide and watch over me within this circle.”

Now face towards East again, and using your finger, a wand, or an athame, begin to “draw” a circle, going clockwise, with your altar, items, and yourself enclosed within it.

You have successfully cast your circle.

(If you have forgotten an item, or if you need to step out of this circle for any reason, imagine a doorway. Use your hands to “pull apart the door” and once outside, use your hands to “push it back together.”  Do this once again when you re-enter the circle).

After you have cast your circle, it is now time to begin the spell/ritual.

Put your charcoal disc inside your cauldron or your heatproof burner. Light it and allow it smolder.  It will begin to turn a light, ashy gray.  This lets you know that it is hot and ready to burn your incense.  Sprinkle the Benzoin gum and cinnamon on top of the charcoal disc.

Light your candles and continue to work with your breath. This is a simple way to raise your energy.  Inhale for a count of 4, hold for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4, and hold for a count of 4.  Do this for a few moments.

Take your chosen crystal and hold it above a flame. (Be careful not to burn yourself or the crystal). As you hold it over the flame, tell the crystal exactly what you want it to do.  (ex: “you shall be my talisman to attract my success to me” or “you shall bring more clients to me” or “you shall help me get my dream job.”)

Hold this crystal tightly in your receptive hand because you want the energy of success to come to you.

Now begin to stare into the flames of any candle of your choosing for a moment. Connect with the fire and feel the energy of it.  Smell the scent of the cinnamon.  Feel your breath.  Hear your music playing in the background. Relax your mind and allow yourself to let go.

Once you have reached a clear space within yourself, begin to recite this incantation (or one of your own) 9 times.

(If you are a singer, it is HIGHLY recommended that you sing it…as Spirit loves this).


“Candle bright
Full Moon night
Success is mine I pray
As I speak it
As I feel it
Shall surely come my way.”


After the ninth time, make sure to say: “This or something better…So Mote It Be.”

Continue to stare into the flame and visualize yourself as already having exactly what it is you are casting this spell for. Imagine it as vividly as possible.  If you have trouble with visualizing, simply repeat the word SUCCESS over and over again.  Lose yourself in this.

When you have had enough, sit still for a moment. You may meditate or just be.  When you feel that it is time, slowly stand up if you were sitting, and begin to close the circle. 

Face each direction, this time starting North, then West, South, and finishing at East. Thank each Archangel (or any deity that you called on) and let them know that they are free to go. 

Using your finger, wand, or athame, face north to un-do the circle; this time going counter clockwise.

You may allow your candles to burn out all the way or you may snuff them using a snuffer, a spoon, or using wet fingers; however you do it, do not blow out your candles as it is disrespectful to Spirit…nothing like birthday candles.

Take the candles, herbs, incense and bury them in your backyard. If you do not have a yard, you can bury the items in a flower pot, or tie them up in a bag and throw them outside in a dumpster. 

Sleep with your crystal either in your bra (close to your heart chakra) or under your pillow for the first night, but begin to carry it with you at all times. (Placing it in your purse or wallet is also fine).

As each day goes, be sure not to speak of what you did to anyone. This is also part of the spell.  You have put way too much energy out into the Universe just to have someone shut it down with negativity…including your own.  You must now believe wholeheartedly that what you desire shall come to pass.  (After what you prayed for has manifested, then you can blab about it. *wink*)

Be open to any guidance that you feel you are to do. Listen to your heart and your intuition. 

Also, please do your part!! Many people think that they can cast a spell/perform a ritual and that’s it.  No!  You have to do your part.  Spirit will line up the ‘who, what, when, and the how’…you need to listen and go where they tell you to go, apply for that job, tell others about your business, etc.

I hope that you will perform this spell…and as always, please let me know the outcome. I love happy endings!!


Thank you!

Love, Light, & Magick








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